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Calibrate is trusted on and off the field by the one and only Christian Dyer - a professional rugby player for the Houston SaberCats and the US Mens 7 & 15s teams.



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Parameters within society have programmed us to disregard the importance of brain health. Longevity comes with living a lifestyle that can be maintained for years to come. The Calibrate formula combats the effects of mental aging and memory-loss while improving daily cognitive function to ensure every stage of life is a good one.†


Most stimulants on the market will leave you feeling worse than you did before. We've incorporated several key ingredients to reduce both mental AND physical fatigue while boosting performance. Our slow-release performance formula ensures you feel a steady stream of energy without the crash.†


Stop doom-scrolling and getting distracted with small, every day tasks. Our focus formula will get you dialed in to take on the day and guarantee you don't spend it scrolling.†


Our ingredient deck is loaded with properties to help increase levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine and alpha brain waves. Feel happy even on your worst days. Don't let life take away your motivation.†

  • "ALERT"

    "CALIBRATE gives me a sense of alertness that is unmatched when compared to previous nootropics I've experimented with. It works best when I need to be task-oriented, especially during long study sessions."†


  • "MOOD"

    "I always feel super happy when i'm on CALIBRATE. Idk what it is but it makes me chatty in the mornings."†


  • "FOCUS"

    "Recently, there has been a shortage of what I normally take to help me focus so my buddy recommended I try defi supps as an alternative. I love it! I get the similar benefits of focus and clarity without the negative side effects."†


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We don't believe in secret formulas, secret ingredients, or secrets in general. instead, we believe in the overall health and safety of our customers. We know what we provide is 100% safe and allows you to be your best self. The team at defi is an open book and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Got a question, concern, or just want to tell us how great we are doing? Email us at:

Our products are manufactured in facilities that are: FDA registered, NSF/ANSI certified, cGMP certified, ISO 17025 certified, and TGA certified.If at any point during our stringent quality process something doesn’t pass our standards, we won’t ever accept it. Period.


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